Saturday, May 3, 2008

Too many drugs

I got through Friday by taking a Nyal Herbal remedy for Sinus relief. It was one of those ones that have different tables for day and for night, mainly because the night ones have a soporific effect. So I took two of those on Friday night as I wanted to make sure I got enough rest to handle the flight back to Melbourne on Saturday morning, and the interview process on Saturday afternoon. They worked. I remember getting up at about 4am to go to the loo and thinking - "Hmm, I hope I can walk better than this tomorrow." Then I had a weird dream in which my dog (I don't currently have a dog) was with me in a high set Qld style house and there was a BBQ happening, and I threw a bit of gristle out the back door. The dog went after it and simply plunged off the landing at the top of the stairs and fell onto a bare earth patch that looked as if it had just been dug & was waiting for planting. The dog got up and sort of staggered and I looked down into the backyard and saw Gerry and said to her "have a look at the dog, will you?" and then I thought the dog was more injured than it looked, but I knew she would sort it out. Then the dream ended. Sally says the dog is me and I'm jumping off cliffs again, but I know it's ok because I know I've got people (my family) to look after me. That actually makes sense to me.
Anyway I made it back to Sydney airport on time, but I had an absolutely horrific trip home. I decided to stop the herbal drugs and take another Sudafed for the flight home, and I don't know if what happened was a reaction between the herbal drugs and the Sudafed, or because I also decided to try some of those `EarPlanes' ear plugs to equalise the pressure in my ears. When I put the earplanes in my ears, I noticed that the one in the left ear felt like a tighter fit than the one in my right ear. After the plane had ascended and levelled out, I began to feel dreadfully ill. At first I had my eyes closed and I felt as if the plane were slewing to one side, and see-sawing, so I opened my eyes. That didn't feel any better. Then I felt really nauseous, and I suddenly thought, "I'm having a hypo," so I desperately scrabbled in my bag for jelly snakes. I felt so ill at this point that I thought I was going to pass out, I began to sweat profusely. I pulled the left EarPlane ear plug out, and managed to get my glucometer out of my bag & check my BGL. It was 17 (!) so I wasn't hypoglycaemic. Gradually the nausea settled and the feeling that the plane was slewing around disappeared. I was still sweating so much that it was running down my face and my shirt was soaked, then I was chilled to the bone. In all the illness probably lasted 5 - 10 minutes. I was very frightened. I think that it was most likely caused by the EarPlanes, perhaps because my right ear was blocked by the sinus infection and my left ear wasn't. It was enough to put me off using them on the descent into Melbourne, so then I suffered severe discomfort and have put up with snarly ears all day.


Joseph said...

I think it means that emotionally you've made the final mental / emotial shift to Melb and you're genuinely settling back in.

High Qld'er imagery is an adjunct to your new home. The old image has been transplanted to the new location.

The BBQ respresents a celebration, coming together, house warming)

The dog chasing the gristle represents your self doubt (chasing after something potentially worhtless / folly) and subsequent landing on all fours in the field is vindication of your decision.

The sense that the dog is unwell is just an overlay of you health at the time.

The tilled earth means you're ready to put down roots and prepare for next seasons harvest. (the tilling is complete btw which was the trip to Syd)

Cath said...

Thanks Joe, that's a great interpretation. It makes even more sense than Sally's.