30 Days of Looping I decided to document a 30 day period in my looping life, when I was pondering life before and after looping and questionning whether it was the looping or the use of 24/7 cgm that was having the most impact on my HbA1c's. I also wondered how much of my results were really in my hands and how much of them were from technology fails. The green-yellow-red dashboard above gives a partial answer. The red squares are the days when site fails or data errors from either the cgm or the apps, caused havoc with the outcomes of the loop system. The yellow days tend to show carb entry miscalculations causing errors, (although not necessarily bad ones) and the green days are perfect or very nearly so!  I've been looping with the ios Loop for just over 12 months. My 'rig' consists of an Apple iPhone with Loop and Spike apps, a 'Rileylink' transcoder amd Dexcom G5 sensors running with one of Simon Lewinsons' rebatteried & rechargeable De