Thursday, May 1, 2008

head colds

Argh! I'm in Sydney and I've got the worst 'orrible 'ead, dolb. I woke at 4.30 am with my nose running and my eyes sore. I more or less didn't get back to sleep and got up at 6 am . I stuck it out until 10.30 am when I had to leave my nice cosy home to go down the highway to Avalon Airport & catch the plane to Sydney. I popped the first Sudafed then. Everything was out of sync. At home I jus't coudn't get my act together to sort out what paperwork I needed and what I had to pack. I ended up arriving at Avalon an hour and a half early becaues my sinus inflamed brain couldn't calculate the time to drive there properly. I did get to read `The Alchemist' by Paoulo Coelho, while I waited, and finished it before we arrived in Sydney. Lovely book, I'm not sure that it has entirely converted me to mystic spiritualism, though.

The descent & landing in Sydney was pretty miserable, reminiscent of that horrible flight back from Townsville when I was so sick two years ago. My right eardrum has never recovered from that and it is playing up now. I'll blame this viral infection for me wandering around Sydney and buying some new business clothes - but they are very nice!

I've been to dinner with the guys from the Industry Skills Council, and in between trying to think straight with a headcold, two sudafed and three glasses of wine, I think I did ok and gleaned some information to go on with appropo of the looming interview on Saturday.

I'm staying in the Wyndham Asia Pacific Resort, Syndey., which I've accessed with my holiday credits. It's really weird, I'm doing this trip totally on the cheap, using the budget airfares, and the holiday credits for accommodation, and I'm getting these lovely things happening. When I bought the new clothes, I was given a box of gourmet choclates, when I arrived at the hotel, I was given a bottle of red wine and told that there would be a complimentary breakfast in the morning, then Russell Savage paid for dinner for everyone tonight. Its a bit like the omens stuff in The Alchemist. When you are following the path that you are supposed to everything will help you and point you in the right direction. The tag in my Fortune Cookie after dinner, read `Your path is arduous but will be amply rewarding'. The only ample thing I can see tonight is a definite tendency to increased waistlines.

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