Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Goofing off

A Colourbond moment - From druglord black to nature green!

I'm trying hard to find a new job, to support myself in the manner I like to be accustomed to. I've put in lots of applications and had a number of interviews. I even made it to second round on the last one, however it wasn't to be. It's an interesting experience, because you re-format yourself to fit the different roles being advertised. Sometimes you reply to something because you're getting deserate, then you realise it's simply not you. Other times you see something you'd really really like to do, and you know you are completely capable of it, but you just can't seem to make the sale. Other times the recruiters talk you into something you were a little half hearted about and suddenly you really want that job, but it slips out of your grasp. All the time there's that horrible voice in the back of your brain saying "You'd better get something soon..." it clouds your judgement and affects your performance. I have my usual suite of stress busters on hand as the following photos will show ....

Compost from the Carport Gutter & Yes I finished painting all the eaves and facias.

I found a bike for MUM!

Rockpools at Altona. I can make a study of the tide times so I know when to take Benni there for a play.

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