Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weather (without you)

"Always take the weather with you. " Crowded House.
Plenty to talk about weather this week! I'll add one photo in here today, no, maybe two!
The light after storms and rain and in the late afternoon or early morning is unbelievable. I took this shot a few days ago when I had to go into town early for a pilates workout, before work.
Try double clicking on it and enlarging it. Not bad for a phone camera hey!
The next shot was taken (while driving home) The traffic had been at a standstill and the afternoon light was amazing. I guess if I had been my brother I might have pulled the car up in the emergency lane and jumped out and run off 50 shots in an effort to catch the light, but for me, it's about the transcience. I really like this idea of using a phone camera to collect images during my normal daily activities. It's as if I am capturing brain shots.

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