Saturday, April 19, 2008

Teeth/Stress Relationship!

So what is number 4 on the stress list?
1 Loosing a family member
2 Moving House
3 Changing Jobs
4 ..... TEETH!

I shouldn't be complaining really, because I'm not having to face #1, BUT
I am in the middle of a program of (expensive) work to try and shore up my teeth for another decade or so. A fortnight ago I had a root canal, which had been done some years ago and had cracked, refilled. A day after it was refilled, I felt like it had lost a bit, there was a pit in the middle of the tooth surface and a rough edge on the inside of my tooth. So under a great deal of stress, I went to the dentist on the morning of the house move, and had it checked. "No," he said, there's no problem, the cement has just sunk a little into the root and left a rough edge." bzzz bzzz with the tooth polisher and off I went...... hmmm ... Happily sitting here this evening, chewing gum as I contemplate updating this blog, and "what's this bit of hard stuff in the chewing gum??" Yes, a whole lump of cement from the edge next to the neighbouring tooth, has come out! What to do? It's Saturday night, no dentist on Sunday. After some thought I decide I'll just have to have soft foods tomorrow & call the dentist on Monday. I do have an appointment to start on the next (expensive) bit of preparation for a bridge on the upper left of my jaw, on Tuesday - so I guess I know what we'll be doing.
This sort of stuff does tend to freak me out as I worry about eating and blood sugar levels and infection etc etc.... At least the tooth is already dead, with no nerve left in i.

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