Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Beginnings

We took that last lot off the truck sometime after 7pm. The removalist guys were exhausted and I got to the point where I just said to them ... "Don't worry about where to put it, just dump it in the lounge room." and then I turned around, had a shower, packed my overnight bag and went off to my sister Gill's. It was the 2nd Friday night of the month, and that means Crackerjack lounge at Oakleigh Bowls Club. The Models Super Orchestra were playing and we had everyone coming along!

I was heard to say "I don't think I'll dance much tonight, I'll probably be ready to go home by 10.30pm",
Look what happened.,....
I danced up a storm! It was absolutely the right (wrong) thing to do. Lovely to go back to Gill's at the end of the evening and have a hot shower and a good bed to sleep in, awful opening the front door of the new home, the next morning and facing mountains of boxes waiting to be unpacked. Where to start???? I nearly cried. I spent a couple of hours on my own - on a rollercaoster of hypo's from all the heavy work & dancing the day before. It seemed as if everytime I used my leg muscles to lift something, I'd have another hypo. I was eating like a horse! Then my two angels, Sal and Carol turned up and they just hurricaned the boxes, until the kitchen and lounge room were set up, my bed was made and the evening was closing in. We sat out the back and drank champagne and watched the afternoon fade.
On Sunday I woke early and continued unpacking. I put the new Teak outdoor table (square & seating 8) together. I was still having hypo's everytime I used my thigh muscles! Mum & Sal came over for lunch. They turned up with housewarming presents, wine, cheese, ham & salad. We went out to Bunnings and bought Towel rails, Broom closet hangers, a spice rack, a door chime. The family had all chipped in and bought me a package of Bunnings vouchers! I had tears in my eyes when I opened the package. Perfect!
I'm feeling happier everytime I look out the door. It is such a perfect setting for me. The reserve over the back fence is a psychological magic window. Like Doris Lessings walls that open to another parallel world, yet reminiscent of Annie Proulx's `Postcards' because it's a little bit of ragged green with the highway roaring along on the other edge of it. There is a new bridge off to the left of my reserve horizon, crossing it in a rush to get to the other side, and I noticed tonight it has two huge billboards constructed facing me. There is nothing on them, they are blank canvas with big lights mounted underneath, ready to illuminate to the world their message. I wonder what they'll say. It's irrelevant really, the reserve lies between me and them, with its reeds and bullrushes and snakes hiding in the grasses. I am protected.

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