Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have spent almost an entire weekend without checking my email or spending time doing `stuff' online. In fact the past two weeks have been virtually virtual reality free! This is just a really quick blog, because I need to get my BAS done, as it's due in tomorrow....
The fact is, there has been so much other reality stuff going on in my life, that I've had to ignore my writing. In the past two weeks, I have had major surgery done to my teeth, preparing my upper left jaw for a bridge to fill the gap of a missing tooth that has been vacant for about 10 years. This has involved cutting back the two teeth either side of the gap, so that they can be crowned to give the bridge a secure anchor. It HURT, and I am still sore on that side. I've got another 2 weeks before the permanent bridge is installed. I'm not looking forward to it. I rode all the way into Williamstown along the coastal bike path. 19.89km and back again.
I went to my first French Conversation class and I'm supposed to have been practicing for 15 minutes every day, since then, but of course I haven't. Je m'appelle Catherine. Je suis Australienne. Ca va? Ca va bien. Comment allez vous? Je vais bien, merci. Et vous? My mothers friend Simone, would have kittens! This weekend I managed a house party for a dozen people, including hosting my friends Cath & Julian, from Qld., for the weekend. And I got them all to paint the veranda posts and beams (this colour) and the facia and under eves (white) of the rear of the house. Andrew fixed the rollers on the ensuite door and Mum attacked the ivy that is growing on the brickwork out the front. She reminded me of my promise to Dad as he lay dying. He said to me "Make sure you get rid of that ivy growing on your mother's fence!" Well, here we are 7 years later and Mum is getting rid of the ivy on my wall, and I have achieved my dream of owning my own house once again. Well, the bank owns it but I can pretend that it's mine. It was really painful leaving my own home in Townsville. It's only as I settle in here that I realise how much I need to have my own place and how secure it makes me feel. Silly really, as I'm now more exposed financially with a great big mortgage to pay. Time to go and get this BAS done. More later - plus a photo fo the new paintwork.

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