Sunday, April 6, 2008


Some of the things I do to manage the stress created by the need to take action are, like most people:
2. Pretend that something else is more important.
3. Distract myself
5. Have memory lapses

This week is crunch week, as I need to do take action on two things.
Firstly I need to be ready for an important job interview on Tuesday morning. For a person whoose income is about to dry up on Thursday and who has just signed a mortgage, you'd think this would be fairly high priority.
Secondly I need to get on with sorting things in the unit, prior to the removalists coming in on Friday. I need to turn out cupboards, de-stock the fridge, have bedding washed and folded, clear ornaments and nik-naks off tables & window ledges, throw out old clothes etc, once again one would think that this would be a fairly high priority, as my time after Sunday evening is going to be very limited.

So WHAT am I doing???
Sitting here having a lovely time going through my digital photos of favourite gardens and plants, and practising using Picasa to upload them to this blog.
Writing `catch-up' emails to old friends,
Updating my calendar,
Thinking about getting out into the garden etc

I'd better get on with it (sigh)
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