Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have spent almost an entire weekend without checking my email or spending time doing `stuff' online. In fact the past two weeks have been virtually virtual reality free! This is just a really quick blog, because I need to get my BAS done, as it's due in tomorrow....
The fact is, there has been so much other reality stuff going on in my life, that I've had to ignore my writing. In the past two weeks, I have had major surgery done to my teeth, preparing my upper left jaw for a bridge to fill the gap of a missing tooth that has been vacant for about 10 years. This has involved cutting back the two teeth either side of the gap, so that they can be crowned to give the bridge a secure anchor. It HURT, and I am still sore on that side. I've got another 2 weeks before the permanent bridge is installed. I'm not looking forward to it. I rode all the way into Williamstown along the coastal bike path. 19.89km and back again.
I went to my first French Conversation class and I'm supposed to have been practicing for 15 minutes every day, since then, but of course I haven't. Je m'appelle Catherine. Je suis Australienne. Ca va? Ca va bien. Comment allez vous? Je vais bien, merci. Et vous? My mothers friend Simone, would have kittens! This weekend I managed a house party for a dozen people, including hosting my friends Cath & Julian, from Qld., for the weekend. And I got them all to paint the veranda posts and beams (this colour) and the facia and under eves (white) of the rear of the house. Andrew fixed the rollers on the ensuite door and Mum attacked the ivy that is growing on the brickwork out the front. She reminded me of my promise to Dad as he lay dying. He said to me "Make sure you get rid of that ivy growing on your mother's fence!" Well, here we are 7 years later and Mum is getting rid of the ivy on my wall, and I have achieved my dream of owning my own house once again. Well, the bank owns it but I can pretend that it's mine. It was really painful leaving my own home in Townsville. It's only as I settle in here that I realise how much I need to have my own place and how secure it makes me feel. Silly really, as I'm now more exposed financially with a great big mortgage to pay. Time to go and get this BAS done. More later - plus a photo fo the new paintwork.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looks like I'm going to be up till midnight updating the nokia software for my phone. I followed the instructions and found myself with a 111 MB download underway. With this VMC connection (simcard 3G) this could take forever.
I'm settling in to my new suburb. Bit by bit I'm exploring it. Yesterday I followed the bike path down to the Sanctuary Lakes development, and today I took the back route out to Hoppers Crossing to check out the Bunnings store down there, and boy what an eye opener! I went out along Dunnings Rd., thenp Forsythe Rd. to Geelong Rd. The homebuilding is incredible. Now I can see where all the traffic that comes in on the Pt. Cook Rd. from the Geelong Hwy., is going.

I have met both neighbours now. Lindy lives on the Western side of me, with her four children. All tousled headed blonde & blue eyed. Yesterday they were all waiting out the front for Dad to come home from work. The oldest three, each clutching a blue tongue lizard of various sizes. The youngest just busting to be heard and noticed on his three wheeled scooter. The older boy tells me he's killed 3 tiger snakes down by the creek and seen two brown snakes sunning themselves on a rock up the embankment from the creek. I'm impressed, but remember to say "Aren't you just supposed to let them go?" They tell me that last summer a brown snake came right up through our yards, across the road and into the house opposite. I make a mental note, "NEVER leave the doors open!", and I recount the time that a Taipan went into Cathie Bowmans house, (Bluewater, Townsville, Qld), through the bathroom and down the corridor. She arrived just in time to see it disappear into her handbag, inside the wardrobe.

Jacinta lives on my eastern side. She was out gardening as I came back from Hoppers Crossing with all my paint and tools for next weekend. We discussed both gardens and the weed problem, and I offered to to help bring the weedy bush that is scrambling over everything under control. Jacinta told me that a car had crashed across the front gardens of both our houses a few weeks ago, knocking over my tap and water meter! The previous owner didn't tell me that one! Jacinta has two cats and I felt that we might become good neighbours, if not good friends. I'm down to the last box, although I still have odds and ends that have not yet been assigned a place, clutering my table and lounge room.

This evening I connected the BBQ and had my first BBQ'd meal, sitting outside as the evening descended. There was a stunning blood red sun, as it set. I took a photo, but the colour doesn't come through. Then the mozzies struck!

Teeth/Stress Relationship!

So what is number 4 on the stress list?
1 Loosing a family member
2 Moving House
3 Changing Jobs
4 ..... TEETH!

I shouldn't be complaining really, because I'm not having to face #1, BUT
I am in the middle of a program of (expensive) work to try and shore up my teeth for another decade or so. A fortnight ago I had a root canal, which had been done some years ago and had cracked, refilled. A day after it was refilled, I felt like it had lost a bit, there was a pit in the middle of the tooth surface and a rough edge on the inside of my tooth. So under a great deal of stress, I went to the dentist on the morning of the house move, and had it checked. "No," he said, there's no problem, the cement has just sunk a little into the root and left a rough edge." bzzz bzzz with the tooth polisher and off I went...... hmmm ... Happily sitting here this evening, chewing gum as I contemplate updating this blog, and "what's this bit of hard stuff in the chewing gum??" Yes, a whole lump of cement from the edge next to the neighbouring tooth, has come out! What to do? It's Saturday night, no dentist on Sunday. After some thought I decide I'll just have to have soft foods tomorrow & call the dentist on Monday. I do have an appointment to start on the next (expensive) bit of preparation for a bridge on the upper left of my jaw, on Tuesday - so I guess I know what we'll be doing.
This sort of stuff does tend to freak me out as I worry about eating and blood sugar levels and infection etc etc.... At least the tooth is already dead, with no nerve left in i.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Beginnings

We took that last lot off the truck sometime after 7pm. The removalist guys were exhausted and I got to the point where I just said to them ... "Don't worry about where to put it, just dump it in the lounge room." and then I turned around, had a shower, packed my overnight bag and went off to my sister Gill's. It was the 2nd Friday night of the month, and that means Crackerjack lounge at Oakleigh Bowls Club. The Models Super Orchestra were playing and we had everyone coming along!

I was heard to say "I don't think I'll dance much tonight, I'll probably be ready to go home by 10.30pm",
Look what happened.,....
I danced up a storm! It was absolutely the right (wrong) thing to do. Lovely to go back to Gill's at the end of the evening and have a hot shower and a good bed to sleep in, awful opening the front door of the new home, the next morning and facing mountains of boxes waiting to be unpacked. Where to start???? I nearly cried. I spent a couple of hours on my own - on a rollercaoster of hypo's from all the heavy work & dancing the day before. It seemed as if everytime I used my leg muscles to lift something, I'd have another hypo. I was eating like a horse! Then my two angels, Sal and Carol turned up and they just hurricaned the boxes, until the kitchen and lounge room were set up, my bed was made and the evening was closing in. We sat out the back and drank champagne and watched the afternoon fade.
On Sunday I woke early and continued unpacking. I put the new Teak outdoor table (square & seating 8) together. I was still having hypo's everytime I used my thigh muscles! Mum & Sal came over for lunch. They turned up with housewarming presents, wine, cheese, ham & salad. We went out to Bunnings and bought Towel rails, Broom closet hangers, a spice rack, a door chime. The family had all chipped in and bought me a package of Bunnings vouchers! I had tears in my eyes when I opened the package. Perfect!
I'm feeling happier everytime I look out the door. It is such a perfect setting for me. The reserve over the back fence is a psychological magic window. Like Doris Lessings walls that open to another parallel world, yet reminiscent of Annie Proulx's `Postcards' because it's a little bit of ragged green with the highway roaring along on the other edge of it. There is a new bridge off to the left of my reserve horizon, crossing it in a rush to get to the other side, and I noticed tonight it has two huge billboards constructed facing me. There is nothing on them, they are blank canvas with big lights mounted underneath, ready to illuminate to the world their message. I wonder what they'll say. It's irrelevant really, the reserve lies between me and them, with its reeds and bullrushes and snakes hiding in the grasses. I am protected.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Some of the things I do to manage the stress created by the need to take action are, like most people:
2. Pretend that something else is more important.
3. Distract myself
5. Have memory lapses

This week is crunch week, as I need to do take action on two things.
Firstly I need to be ready for an important job interview on Tuesday morning. For a person whoose income is about to dry up on Thursday and who has just signed a mortgage, you'd think this would be fairly high priority.
Secondly I need to get on with sorting things in the unit, prior to the removalists coming in on Friday. I need to turn out cupboards, de-stock the fridge, have bedding washed and folded, clear ornaments and nik-naks off tables & window ledges, throw out old clothes etc, once again one would think that this would be a fairly high priority, as my time after Sunday evening is going to be very limited.

So WHAT am I doing???
Sitting here having a lovely time going through my digital photos of favourite gardens and plants, and practising using Picasa to upload them to this blog.
Writing `catch-up' emails to old friends,
Updating my calendar,
Thinking about getting out into the garden etc

I'd better get on with it (sigh)
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weather (without you)

"Always take the weather with you. " Crowded House.
Plenty to talk about weather this week! I'll add one photo in here today, no, maybe two!
The light after storms and rain and in the late afternoon or early morning is unbelievable. I took this shot a few days ago when I had to go into town early for a pilates workout, before work.
Try double clicking on it and enlarging it. Not bad for a phone camera hey!
The next shot was taken (while driving home) The traffic had been at a standstill and the afternoon light was amazing. I guess if I had been my brother I might have pulled the car up in the emergency lane and jumped out and run off 50 shots in an effort to catch the light, but for me, it's about the transcience. I really like this idea of using a phone camera to collect images during my normal daily activities. It's as if I am capturing brain shots.