Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Texting with Fuzzbrain

This research is not something to enter into lightly. Last night after a self induced late night on Sunday, when I stayed up way too late playing with graphics and updates to my new website, I almost hit the 'I'm over it!' button.
It started with an early morning appointment in at St. Vinnies, having the usual pre-session, blood tests, urine tests, and memory test to see if I remembered how all the gear works. During the gear check, we opened a Closed Loop session and went as far as starting to download data from the pump, then we decided to shut everything down to pack it all up so I could head home. Wrong!  We pulled the plug on the App as it was halfway through a process. This was to create headaches late in the evening.
I then complicated things by allowing my friend who was staying overnight as emergency backup, to cook dinner. My friend has recently been to Vietnam and was keen to demonstrate a Vietnamese recipe to me. The recipe was for beef and noodles wrapped in a lettuce leaf. The noodles she used were gluten free rice noodles.  Just as Carbs ain't Carbs, Noodles ain't Noodles. The packet said 49 gms of carbohydrate for my serve. I dutifully bolused for 49 gms of carb, and ate pears and custard and chocolate as well just in case, then spent the rest of the evening going down down down that slippery low sugar slope.  Eventually at about 21:30 my levels started to rise. By this time I was super tired and trying to connect up all the gear.... My DNE and I spent an hour and a half trying to get the App to connect to the pump. It just kept crashing. My DNE was frantically chasing up the  IT Engineers in the USA to find out what we  were doing wrong. Eventually we worked out that instead of hitting the Continue Previous Session button we needed to 'Start New Session, to clear the App memory and get it working again. By now it was 23:00 and I was SUPER tired.  I decided to unwind for a little in front of the TV and finally got into bed about midnight after frantically doing the cognition test on the computer at 23:30.

The rest of the night became a string of black holes and text messages.
At 3:00 the alarm went off and I climbed groggily out of the nice black warm hole I was in, to finger prick and calibrate the sensor. I couldn't think what I was supposed to do with the information from the meter and I txt my DNE, "Meter BG 6.2".
DNE: "You've entered into pump and calibrated?"
Ahh, THAT is what I'm supposed to do. I drift back into that warm cocoon.
6:41 'Beep' from the iPhone
DNE: "Hi Cath, I've lost data for the last 20 minutes",  I think "So?"
ME: "lk Onto it"
"More sleep...."
DNE:  "Shut down whenever you feel ready. I've sent a little email to compliment your morning checklist. My monitor is being collected in a bout half an hour so it can get to DNE2 tonight. I won't be able to view you after that any more, but don't hesitate to call with any queries"
How is it possible that anyone can write so much at this hour of the morning?
ME: "K, zzzzzzzz."
I'm nearly back into that lovely warm blackness.
DNE: "Sunshine wants a walk!!!! Sorry but for your safety I need you to close down now. I can't leave you without remote monitoring. Sorry!!!!"
ME: "Out. Sunshine says she's tired because she was p late"
DNE: "No, No, I know she's nudging you!! LOOK AT YOUR CHECKLIST :-)"
ME: "OK"
"Temp basal reset, max bolus reset lo suspend on"
"Bugger! I'm awake!"

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