Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lab Rat life

Day 2 of the four nights at home using the closed loop system, without closing the loop.
I'm pretty tired tonight, although I slept well last night. The system doesn't interrupt my sleep any more than usual. I normally wake sometime between 2 and 5 to do a finger prick, so the mandatory one at 3am isn't anything out of the normal. The biggest hassles so far are the 48 hour urine collection and the dumb cognition testing.
Being T1 is sometimes a funny game between myself, and my medical team. I try to be honest and admit my mistakes and own up to bad behaviour, but sometimes I just don't say anything and try to get away with it. The clinical trial is so intense it makes this really hard. My DNE makes a couple of calls a day to me and we chat using txt messages in the evening. Once I link up the new software to my pump, and she logs in online to monitor it, the truth is out there. When my BGL's hit 19 tonight I had to admit to having scoffed some of the chic chip bits that were supposed to go into the cake I was baking for my friend. Added to which, I'd had a minor low after undertaking the pre-dinner exercise I was told to do every evening.

This requirement had me a bit worried as my bgl's tend to track downwards fairly fast pre-dinner and I didn't want to have to muck around with readjusting everything. Of course I went low after the exercise, so I ate some jelly snakes and then had dinner without bolussing. Now I'm paying for it big time. At 9pm my bgl's were up to 19 so I took a correction bolus, on the sensor screen they drifted down to 14.8 and got stuck there for 2 hours. I felt like crap and my legs started twitching, a sure sign of a high for me.  So I did another finger prick test.... 18.9, just what every T1 wants before going to bed, NOT!
My DNE scolds me, "We don't want a spike just before starting the closed loop at night. It makes it hard for the system."  She pauses for a minute, then says, "then again it will give it a real test...."
Fortunately tonight, I'm still on the practice run and we haven't actually connected the closed loop.

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