Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here comes the sun

7am. I'm awake properly now. Against all probability, I actually slept quite deeply in between the hourly blood tests and the discomfort of the cannula in my arm. I can't wait to get it taken out at 8, though. I've been hoping that when the sun rises it will reflect in the windows of all the buildings in the magnificent view from where I lie. Already I've captured a photo of the pre-dawn glow from the office window where my DNE and Doctors have been spending the night.

There's blood in the crease of my elbow, under the cannula. I must have had a bleed during one of the blood collections. I feel surprisingly alert. I basically flatlined all night, once we got it stable at 6 mmol. I had to eat about 30gms cho extra after my meal, as the lightweight hi GI meal just didn't stick to my ribs at all!

The DNE comes in and begins telling me once again about the procedures I will have to undertake each morning. I think I'm going to need to create a visual aid to remember them all. She's determined to make sure that by the time I take all the gear home in two weeks time, I'll be able to cope with any emergency. 
8am, one last blood-test and the horrible cannula is removed from my arm! The only lasting effects from this overnighter are a slight change to my evening basals and a sore arm. I guess that will pass.  

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