Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Turn of the screw

Well it's almost been a month since I last wrote. A month of blah. After being down over my friends tragic situation, I ran foul of someone at work the next day and they lashed out at me, causing me to just fall apart emotionally. I realised that I had a problem, discussed it with my boss, decided to get some help. I went away for the weekend and when I returned home after the weekend I found my house had been burgled. I thought - `I must have stepped on a Leprechaun'. The funny side of it was, that the burglar obviously thought I had nothing of value as they only took my video camera and about $20 in loose change. So this was bad enough, but then 4 days later, I was sitting stationary in my car, caught in a traffic bottleneck on the Westgate freeway on the way to work, when BANG, a car ran into the back of me, slamming my car into the next one. There wasn't even a screech of brakes. By the time I got into work, all I could think was that I had stepped on a whole family of the damn things.
The car has been declared a `repairable write off' and I have been issued with a notice from VicRoads to that effect, but I have nothing from my insurers or from the financers. An ominous feeling of unease sits on my shoulders

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