Sunday, June 28, 2009

At what point do you trade off

For so many years I was almost religious about BGL's and lifestyle. Yet I still had issues with weight and fluctuating BGL's. Now Ive been on a pump for 2 years and I still have issues with fluctuating BGL's and weight. At what point do you trade off trying to live a fairly flexible lifestayle and becoming manic about constantly reviewing BGL's, carbs, exercise, arthritis, sleep, water, alcohol, sex, menopause, work, stress, family obligations, BGL's! I know lots of people have to watch their diet. I know lots of people feel they should get more exercise, but I do think that coping with finger pricks and bolus's and adjusting doses to deal with illness or unexpected high's is just such a constant pain. When I was diagnosed, 27 years ago, they said to me, "oh you don't have to worry, they'll have a cure for this in five years." Funny thing, I've spoken to second generation T1's whose parents were told the same thing 40 years ago.
I'm frustrated and angry. I've had a gutful of constant monitoring. For most of the past twenty seven years, I've been grateful that I'm even alive. But it's getting more complicated, not less. Menopause sets in and that just throws everything all over the place. Everytime I think I know what's going on, something changes. I can't get a stable exercise pattern because my work obligations change too much. Sometimes I'm in the office all week, somethimes I'm flying interstate for a week. When I was in my 30's that was OK, I just dealt with it. Now, I'm just "over it!"

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