Saturday, October 4, 2008

Delhi Belli in Morocco

Yesterdays lunch spot.

View from Hotel Atlas, Chefchouen

Well, I spent the evening huddled in my jacket, while Cath & Gill enjoyed a meal and wine. Our guide, Mohammed, got me some special tea they use for stomach aches, and it did seem to help a little, but I had a fever and was shaking and all my belly, bowels and pelvic area felt as though they were on fire. I couldn't wait to get home and get horizontal! Fortunately I had some tablets to stop diarrhoea with me, and I took panadol for the fever, so although I have been fairly weak today, I have survived. We spent today travelling down to Casablanca, another taxi ride, but this time in daylight and in a much newer Mercedes van, with a lovely driver. It is fascinating travelling through all the rural towns. Even where they are quite large, everyone is riding or driving donkeys and mules, people are all over the roads, young men sit on hummocks watching their herds, doing nothing, There is no pollution control on vehicles and you often feel yourself holding your breath as you travel behind someones diesel car or bus, spewing wicked oily smoke. Cars go past, their tappets rattling and you feel like saying `bring that car here, where's your point spacers and spanners?' It's a country caught between near 3rd world poverty and increasing affluence.

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