Friday, September 19, 2008

Travel Tips for Idiots

I feel like I'm living `travel tips for idiots' at the moment.

  • Travel tips for Diabetics

  • How to travel with an insulin pump

  • DAV Increased Security for Air Travel

  • Travellers Health - Polio, Cholera, Typhoid, Rabies shots

  • New Rules for Taking Liquids Aerosols and Gels through Security onto International Flights

  • Free International SIM card for your Trip!

  • Fast track online registration

  • Confirm your ticket online

  • Make sure you've left copies of EVERYTHING at home

  • Make sure you've actually remembered to take the originals!

The biggest drama is the medication. Since insulin is something I literally cannot live without, it and the equipment used to administer it become a prime focus of my life. Because of the security now necessary at airports, I have to make sure that everything I carry has it's original labels & prescriptions. I think I have to put it in plastic bags so the customs officers can screen it easily. I have to carry doctors letters, extra medical insurance, Diabetes Australia & NDSS membership cards, - split between two carry on bags, (don't ask me why).

The list so far is:

15 Canula sets

15 Pump Cartridges

4 10ml vials of fast-acting Insulin for the pump

4 packets of blood testing strips

2 blood testing meters - in case 1 breaks down

2 Insulin Pen & some Syringes in case the Pump fails

1 10ml vial of long acting insulin in case I need to use pens or syringes

Enough pen needles to cover me until the pump gets fixed or I return home ????

1kg of Jelly Snakes as emergency food - because I don't know what the food routine will be while we're trekking

Here's some Photo's of what all this gear looks like
and this is how much room it takes up in my medium sized travel pack!
I've packed the suitcase at least 6 times, been out walking with my trekking poles and backpack, nearly worn my new walking shoes out already and I'm still not sure WHAT I'm going to do if they give me a hard time at Customs in Morocco :-(

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