Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's fabulous how when no-one else will do any of the sometime extreme things I decide to do in training for the various events I commit to, my sisters can be relied on to turn out and accompany me. I think about 2004 when Gill & I did our first `Great Vic' bike ride, and Gill would turn out at Sparrow fart to do training rides. This week it's been doing long walks as I prepare for my trekking in Morocco. Last Sunday Gill & I did nearly 3 hours around Jells Park and the Dandenong Creek trail - enduring an absolute lack of loos along the way. Lucky we're both used to bush camping! Today it has been Sally who joined me and did a full 20klm walk from Williamstown back to Seabrook providing much needed company and good cheer. This time loos were available and the weather was perfect for walking, although we did run into some fairly hefty headwinds.
John started out with us, but unfortunately his knee started to play up and he had to turn back and take the train back to my place and wait for us there.

The little girls mother offered to take a photo with both Sal & I in it, and as soon as she took the camera, the little girl marched up and positioned herself for the photo. Her Mother was saying `No sweetie, you don't need to be in this one." but I said, "C'mon, you can be in it, it proves we've been to the beach!"

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