Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday in Barcelona

Yesterday afternoon as we walked through the del Born area it started to rain. It had been humid all day and finally it rained, great big splashy drops turning into a steady down pour. We all got wet feet and legs and had great fun finding a local bar to dry off in. In the evening we walked over to the Port area and had dinner at a seafood restaurant, ordering tapas of sardines in raspberry vinaigette, mussels in wine, and calamari rings followed by rice noodle paellas, which were so yummy. Our eyes were bigger than our tummies and we really could have had only one serve between the three of us. We were still very tired, and all slept well.
We've had a wonderful day today. It's been gloriously sunny with a cool breeze, perfect for walking.

We walked back to the Temple de la Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's church, then up to the Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau, which he also designed, then right up the hill to the Park Guell. Spent the whole day sight seeing and walking. I'm glad I decided to pack the digital camera, everything about Gaudi's work is a visual feast. The Temple de la Sagrada Familia is stunning, the passion that drove this man to dedicate his life and that has inspired generations since is extraordinary. I felt so moved by it that I made a commitment to myself that I will come back for its opening ceremony, whenever that may be. The officials are saying around 2020.

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