Friday, August 22, 2008

whacky week

Yes folks it's been one of `those' weeks, or maybe I should say, fortnights!
It all started with the skin specialist telling me that after I had the squamous cell carcinoma removed from my leg - see wikipedia for a definition - the photos are gross, I wouldn't be able to walk or cycle for a month. Now I reckon he set off a whole lot of bad karma for me when he told me that. Since then, spending around $350.00 after health fund rebates, to have the nasty thing removed, it's been one thing after another. I've had two work colleagues trying to stress each other & me out, another one taking umbrage at something I said in a confidential email that got out, I had the estate agent who manages my property up north, phone me and tell me the stove needs replacing, half of a back molar break off, an unexpected pathology bill turn up, and I think I got a speeding ticket on the way home tonight. Then......
I got home from Sal's at 9.00 pm to a very cold house, and went to turn the heater on. It wouldn't start up, I checked the pilot light & that was burning, so I checked the electricals for the fan, and found the electricity wasn't on. I checked the power point and found it wasn't working and the little light plugged in to the switch next to it wan't working. Aha! a fuse! out into the dark and the cold and rain to check the fuse box. Imagine my suprise when I found that the fuse wasn't blown, it was MISSING altogether. (Third space from left) The whole porcelain thing is gone. I reckon one of the neighbours has blown a fuse when cooking dinner or something and decided their need was greater than mine. And I was just reading one of those statistics things in the paper last week, that said the rate of crime in the city was higher than that of crime out here in the far west. I don't think I believe them anymore.
I guess I'm glad that it wasn't the circuit powering the fridge. what a whacky week... You know what this means? .... A visit to my favourite store! Yay a Bunnings trip :-)

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