Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chasing my (fat) tail

I'm very fed up with myself and my weight. Since I started the Global Corporate Challenge walking event, it has actually gone UP 1 kg. I got to the point of starting a food diary last week, but who am I kidding. I know the rules, I know what I should and shouldn't be eating, and the reality is, I'm just eating too much of the wrong foods.

Well - I did set out today to purchase all the items on my list of `mediterranean' diet foods, which I had carefully constructed from a weeks meal plan downloaded off the internet. It does have a few weird items on it, as it came off an American website, so it has things like `crunchy granola' which I will substitute with bircher muesli, and arugula leaves, which I suspect are baby spinach and can get from my garden.
Off I trotted with my pink, wheeled trolley, walking from work like a good green citizen. I was feeling so green that I even bought my low fat yoghurt, light sour cream and ricotta from the organic stall at the market. I didn't buy my vegies there, though, they were just waaay too expensive. So all was going well until I reached my favourite deli to pick up a loaf of Phillipa's onion & olive bread and there was this really cute guy looking after the cheese counter. Inside the cheese counter was a huge round of a creamy blue vein, it was so creamy he was using a spoon to dig it out, and put it in little plastic ice-cream cups to weigh & pack.
Ahh bugger the mediterranean diet, I am now sitting happily at my keyboard with the little ice-cream cup of blue and some lovely water thin biscuits & the glass of obligatory red.....
and I'm happy :-)

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