Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wet socks

Last Sunday I rode the 65k Eastlink opening celebration ride - lots of fun, great road - hopeless crowd control. Never mind, it's good to have a big cycling event in the middle of Winter. So now I'm starting to think about getting started on the spring cycling fitness and this morning, decided I was going to combine my walking with some cycling.....
This morning was a classic situation of "ugh do I realy have to get out of bed so early?" My new cat keeps waking me up at 5am, so by the time I throw him out of the room (no he is NOT allowed to sleep on the bed), and snuggle back down, I am just drifting off when the alarm goes. Today I had it set for 6.30 because I thought it was a good opportunity to try a combined train/bike trip across town and see how the timing worked out and how many k's it would be for the bike section. Anyway, Charlie did his usual thing and began yowling at around 4.50 am and I hissed at him then got out of bed and stomped my foot and him, then shut the door behind him when he bolted down the corridoor (I know, I'm just a mean so & so). Of course I was just dsrifting off again at 6ish when he started howling at the door, so I waited until he was quiet, then switched on the radio as if the clock alarm had come on. I don't want him getting the idea that I will get up for him! At least I was able to have a relaxed breakfast instead of rushing. I got all my bike gear on & pumped the tyres etc and went out the door at 7.10am. I noted it had been raining, but didn't think anything of it. In Melbourne we've learned to ignore the weather forecasts when they say there'll be rain. It stayed dry as I rode up to the local train station and waited for the train to Newport, it was still dry when I got off at Newport, but by the time I got down to Hyde st. and the route under the Westgate, it set in. It wasn't too bad at first & I kept thinking "Oh, it'll clear." But by the time my bum was wet from the road splash (no mudguards on the road bike) and the water was leaking through the seams on my shoulders, I realised it wasn't going to let up, and to make matters worse, I'd taken a wrong turn and had to ride about an extra 5 k to get to Port Melb. I stood on the corner under Lexies building, water puddling inside my shoes, my hair plastered to my head under my helmet and thought about Lexie's nice warm flat. Should I call her? Would she have a spare tracksuit? I knew she wanted a bit of time out this weekend. Would she be enjoying some time with Jeff? Would I be intruding? The water trickled down my legs and into my shoes...when I lifted my arm the water ran out of my glove and down to my elbow, and a cold little drip ran off the end of my hair and down my neck. All I can say is it's great to have a friend in need. Lexie and Jeff took me in like a drowned rat - even Toya, initially excited to see me was a bit dubious when I started leaving puddles on the floor. Jeff got me a hot coffee, Lexie found clothes to fit, we put the bike gear in the clothes dryer so that it would be dry when I'd finished our walk, and by the time Sal & Joan got there, I was dry, warm and ready to walk.So I reckon Lexie gets the friend of the year award, and I get the big drip award for the year! And yes I rode home again in my freshly dried gear and Lexies socks :-)

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