Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The joys of motherhood

Yes that's me sitting at Altona Railway station at 9:20 pm with my trakkie daks and pink fluffy slippers on. How did I come to be there? I invited Kristin over for dinner. Because Kristin is usually working in the city, I rang and offered to pick her up. She said that actually she was at home that day and would catch public transport in to where I work. Now remember that the first time she came over to my new house, she got off the train a station too early, and I had to go and rescue her, then the second time she came over she forgot to check the timetable and ended up on a train that went express straight through our station, so I had to go and rescue her.... This time she got on a tram without checking the timetable and instead of taking her in a direct line to where she should be, it did a right hand turn, it was dark, she was reading her book and the next thing I know I get a phone call. "I don't know where I am...."

Eventually we got to our local shops and stop to buy fish & chips. I had to go and get some cash from the ATM and a young fellow kept following me and I felt very uneasy. I made the mistake of telling Kristin when I got back to the car. After dinner I offered to take her back to the station to catch her train home. It was 9pm, dark and cold. As we pulled up in the car, she said "Will you wait with me, I feel nervous after that kid followed you." So out of the car in my pink fluffy slippers and onto the station. The train schedule said the next train would be at 9.18pm. We waited and waited and waited. Eventually the train from the city came and all the students and late shoppers got out and looked at me as they went past (or rather they looked at my pink fluffy slippers), and then there was only Kristin & I left on the station. 9.18, no train, 9.20 no train, 9.25 a voice booms from no-where. Passengers waiting for the 9.18 to the city are advised that owing to switching problems at Flinders st the 9.18 will not run (don't know how that works, because the 9.18 was coming from Werribee, not Flinders St.), the next train to the city will be at 9.48pm. I look at Kristin, "Right, into the car!" I drive her to Melbourne Central. As I drop her off at 10pm, we have the following conversation.... Ok Kristin, is there something wrong with your car? No. So how come you didn't drive it over? It needs new tyres. How bald are they. Oh not bad, I'm just trying to save them.......

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