Saturday, May 17, 2008

Anyone would think I'm a bird hater

Well after having the arborist nearly decimate anything green at my place, now I've gone and introduced a bird murderer into the mix.
Meet Charlie - he has definite `mouser' capabilities, however I don't think he's going to make it as a bird catcher - he took a flying leap to try and gain enough airspace to make it onto my computer desk tonight and his front paws landed on some paper causing him to slide right back off again leaving his dignity severely impaired. He will be an indoor cat, with a limited run built outside. At the moment he is a fairly timid 4mth old who has just been separated from his brothers. They were all in a big cage during the day and a proper cattery at night, so having the freedom of a whole house, and being alone is a bit daunting.
Last night he slept in the wash basket on top of the blanket box at the foot of my bed, and every couple of hours I'd half wake to plaintive little meows, and I'd mumble at him groggily until he went quiet again. But he was up with the first streak of light around 6am and peering out the window to watch the world wake up.

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